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Guest Author Spotlight - Jennifer Owen Davies

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Hi everyone. I have kidnapped Violets blog for this posting and whilst I’m here running wild, I thought I should at least give some kind of introduction!
 My name is Jennifer Davies, and I am a newbie author at Secret Cravings and my first YA romantic fantasy called Children of Annwn : The Promise was released in September. It is the first in a trilogy, and at the moment I’m about a quarter of the way through the second which is taking me in such a different direction, but it’s very exciting.
I am 48yrs young and having the time of my life doing exactly what I love, which is writing. I’m a wife, a mother of four boys, a daughter, a sister, a pet-lover, a yard sale fanatic, a lover of romance, an avid reader, a blogger, a campaigner for finding the cure for Alzheimer’s, a lover of music, a wannabe singer, and in my other life before kids, I was a nurse/ midwife...
I was born and raised in Wales, UK, but I now live on the East Coast, USA!
I started writing late in life and whilst my life was changing as it does for many women my age. I started to write at probably one of the most stressful times just after I had left Wales for the second time. This time it was worse because I left behind my oldest son and my elderly mother. There were dark days, and out of that was born my love story.
Children of Annwn: The Promise is my first full-length  novel, but I am half-way through an adult paranormal, plus I have several stories that need finishing.

Here’s an excerpt!

She stared at his long dark lashes, which framed his beautiful chestnut-brown eyes. Their rich color drew her in. He was spellbinding. She couldn’t breathe, and watched, mesmerized, as he lowered his head to brush his lips over hers. Shivers exploded down her spine, and her heart rocketed into space. 
“I don’t want to be hit again. Are you sure?” he said, raising an eyebrow and laughing. 
Yes, kiss me, but if you don’t stop messing with me, I will hurt you.
The heat level in the room rose, and the air stilled, as his steely gaze washed over her body and he pushed her against the wall. He captured her hands with his and kissed her lips. Small kisses to start, then deeper, more urgent ones, and Mia yielded to his possession. He leaned into her and pulled her closer, so that his tongue explored and tasted her. Lost in the overwhelming ripples of sensation, she wrapped her arms around him, and breathed his intoxicating scent in. Cocooned against his strong body, she never wanted it to end. Finally, she lifted her head, only because she needed to breathe. Ryder was grinning at her as she touched his face in wonder and smiled, her anger long forgotten. 
“Tell me more about our life in Annwn,” she whispered.

If anyone would like to connect below are a few ways that you can and of course links to the book!

FB Author page
Links for the book!
Sweet craving store.
Amazon UK
Amazon USA
Barnes & Noble

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