Friday, October 31, 2014

Guest Author Spotlight - Victoria Sue

Raleigh Point – Rescue   Blurb

Lisa was wicked.

Wicked and damaged. She’s spent half her twenty years locked away in a psychiatric facility because her uncontrollable alpha rages are inexplicable in a human world. Orphaned when she was a baby, she doesn't even know what she is. All she knows is what they've always told her. Wicked.
At twenty-six years Mac helps his family run Raleigh Point, a group foster home for abused or abandoned shifter babies and children. Beyond taking on an occasional tracking job for the FBI, he never has worried about much. He likes to play hard, usually with an attractive woman.

Never too much responsibility. Life is good.

Taking the phone call alert, Mac breezes in to rescue her. In that grimy god-forsaken excuse for a hospital, Mac realizes life has to change. He discovers Lisa is not only drugged and damaged, she’s his mate

The battle continues when a crazed rogue alpha decides to make Lisa his queen.

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  1. Wow! That sounds really good! Thanks for letting us know about it. :-)

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  3. Hopping over from the Reef. Great review.

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