Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Guest Author Spotlight - Morgan K. Wyatt

Amy awakes to find her husband Mark missing, along with her memories. Her recollections of Mark include a whirlwind courtship and a beach wedding. Amy is determined to uncover what happened to her husband. How could a man who loved her so intensely just walk away?

The police have no interest in finding Mark. They reason he wasn’t ready for marriage and he walked. She wonders if his disappearance could be associated with her work.

Ryan, a close friend and co-worker, assists her in piecing together her missing memories. As the pair work together, they find that Amy’s actual past reveals a scenario that is so horrifying that it forces them on the run, not knowing whom they can trust.  Will Amy’s newly recalled memories prove fatal to both her and Ryan? 

About Morgan:
 Morgan Wyatt exists and writes in a world of chaos and insanity. It is no secret that creative mind is often linked with abnormal mind or “abby normal.”  Many of our most creative minds in history were also unbalanced ones. It is only fitting that during the day I work with the mentally disturbed and write in the evenings while watching Cash Cab. My day job gives me wonderful dialogue and different ways of looking at everything.

At times, I have been everything from a writer, proof reader, editor and reviewer, but not at the same time. My career choices have run the gamut from Army to minister’s wife to organic dairy farmer. Currently, I keep the mentally disturbed calm, or perhaps I merely entertain them with my versions of reality. My writing does not hold to one style, but instead flirts with fiction and non-fiction equally, while occasionally rubbing up against essays and poems.

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