Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Author Spotlight Guest - Molly Daniels

Please welcome Molly Daniels

Everyone has an imaginary friend at some point, right?  Well, what if you discover yours is actually an alien who is 
fascinated with Earth?  

Tricia Alexander's dreams are haunted by a mystery lover.  When she discovers the man she met in a nightclub is from another planet, will she accept his story or kick him out?

Brock was young Tricia's imaginary friend and confidant, and watched her grow up over the years.  After gaining permission from the leaders of his planet, he sought to bond with her twice before, but with little results.  When he's given a final chance, will he succeed?  Or will a family crisis prove too much?

“Are you enjoying your stay so far?” Brock stabbed the lettuce, wishing for the fourth time in the last hour his father was still alive. He craved his father’s wisdom, after discovering the person he now looked up to the most had betrayed him.

“I’d enjoy it more if you’d fill in some of the blanks for me.” She laid a soft hand over his. 

Brock winced. “Apparently LoGar allowed KiRah to accompany him on one of his many trips to Xaxa, and is intrigued with their, ah, way of life. Plus, it seems my baby sister witnessed RiKar and a member of his household sharing an intimate moment. Since that member was not RiKar’s Chosen, KiRah has taken it upon herself to…make herself available to him.”

Tricia gasped. “I got the impression she was waiting for—what’s her future mate’s name again?”

“DaTil. I did also. Apparently, SaLie has informed her there are other alternatives out there.” Brock put down his fork while shaking his head. “I should not have checked KiRah’s mind. There are some things a brother should never know about his sister.”

He heard Tricia snort, and looked at her as she tried to hide her laughter. “You find this amusing?”

“I’m sorry.” She covered her mouth with her hands. “I imagine you saw them ‘in the act’?”

Brock winced again. “KiRah and I have always been close, and she hasn’t learned to conceal certain images. So yes, the image of her entwined in RiKar’s arms is a bit repulsive.”

Composing herself, Tricia wiped her eyes.  “Do you want me to talk to her? It seems as if she needs someone to confide in.” She put the last of her sandwich in her mouth. “It’s hard enough, with her mother and now her brother knowing her secret. And since I know what it’s like to have a parent walk in on me, I can sympathize with her.”

Brock grinned. “I had nearly forgotten that. Your mother arrived home and caught you naked in the hot tub with—”

“Yes, and it scared the hell out of me.” Tricia turned a becoming shade of pink. “I don’t think I invited any boyfriends to my house ever again.”

“Personally, I was happy. Watching you grow up was painful at times, especially when you discovered your sexuality. I could not reveal myself to you yet, and I so wanted to be your first.”

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Kenzie is the 'wild child' of author Molly Daniels. They cohabitate nicely
inside the brain of a woman in Indiana who's the mother of three and 'Aunt
Molly' to the entire neighborhood. A devout chocoholic, her hubby has learned
to watch out when the characters in her head take over and not get too upset
when the words are flowing and all concept of time is lost. (LOL)

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